Deep Sea Fishing


Deep Sea Fishing


From Destin to Cozumel and Beyond

Captain Cliff McCaa was born in Columbia, South Carolina and lived in Pensacola, Memphis, and Destin, Florida. At that time, Destin had the largest charter boat fleet in the Gulf of Mexico. In June 1974, Cliff received his first Captain’s license, but later to left to become an air traffic control specialist. Cliff then studied celestial navigation and upgraded his captain’s license to 500 tons. all oceans, and worked on large tugboats and fished in the Bering Sea twice.

Cliff still resides in Progreso and is available for hire as an technical expert in fishing Alacranes or off of Cancun and Cozumel.

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From Destin to Cozumel and Beyond

Table of contents

In the Beginning
How to Hook a Billfish
Blue Marlin
Fighting Blue Marlin
Fighting My First Big Blue Marlin
The Middle Game
The End Game, Releasing Your Fish
The End Game with Blue Marlin
My 345-Pound Blue Marlin
Releasing The Fish
The Fishing Seasons in Destin
Rigging Skipjacks for King Mackerel
My Largest Wahoo on a Skipjack
Rigging Ballyhoo
Rigging Spanish Mackerel
Rigging Mullet
Rip Tide Stories
Sticking My Knife in My Arm
Big Red Snappers
Cobia Season, 1973
Billfish Season, 1973
Second Offshore Trip on the 22 Mako
Third Offshore Trip on the 22 Mako
Back to the Robroy
The Tina Lynn
Where to Fish off Destin?
1975 through 1977
Tarpon in Fernandina Beach
Another Sailfish out of Jacksonville
Fishing Offshore of Saint Augustine
Swordfish out of Destin
Swordfish a Few Years Later
Second Swordfish Trip
My First Swordfish on a Rod and Reel
1978 Sandestin Tournament
Labor Day Tournament at Orange Beach
1985 Orange Beach Marina Labor Day Tournament
The International Billfish League Tournament
1982 through 1985 in the Mexican Oil Field
Repairing Manifold at Buoy 1 Dos Bocas
Cayos Arcus
Diving Cayos Arcus
The Godfather in Cayos Arcus
Hurricane Juan in Cayos Arcus
Triangulo Oeste
Obispo Norte
Cayos Arenas
1980 Destin Rodeo Fishing with Irby Windes
Destin Record Mako Shark of 867 Pounds
Sword Fishing Spring 1986
Longline Bottom Fishing with Danny Wright 1986
Fishing Snow Crabs in Alaska
My First Offshore Adventure with Don Trino
What I Have Caught Where on the Mainland off Cozumel
Back to the Fishing Spots
Now Back to Cozumel Itself
The Cozumel International Tournament
El Rodeo de Lanchas Mexicanas
Big Storm at Weigh in at Cozumel
Rodeo De Lanchas Mexcanas in about 2000
Tournament in Playa Del Carmen
Artie’s Vacation in Cozumel in 2002
Summary for Cozumel
Fishing off Cancun and Isla Mujeres
The Big Shark in the Rip
The Isla Contoy Trips with the Boss
The Boss’s Blue Marlin
15 Sailfish in a Day, off Contoy
My Six-Pound Test Rig
Three Kings & Three Tunas and South Hump
The Fishing Area North of Isla Mujeres
Another Spot – Amberjacks
The Sleeping Shark Caves of Jacque Cousteau
The North Point of Isla Mujeres
Progreso, Yucatan
Madagascar Reef
Cayo Culebra
My Largest King Mackerels Caught at Cayo Culeba
Huevo Del Toro or the Bull’s Ball
Alacranes Reef or Scorpion Reef
First Blue Marlin at Alacranes
Amberjack Rock
Posa Cochinita
Big Rock
Isla Muertos
Isla Perez
Isla Muertos
Fishing Off Isla Perez
Posa Cochinita Revisited
Cliff’s Place
Entrance to Desterrada
How to Get to the Pocket
Entrance to Isla Muertos
Entrance to Muertos
Fishing Places near Muertos
Entrance to the West Side of Isla Perez
The Way In, To the West Side of Isla Perez
Entrance to Isla Banca
Trolling the Ridge Northwest of Desterrada
Hurricane Katrina
The North Point of Alacranes
Anchoring and Fishing
How I Pull Anchors
Rod Pumping Techniques
Revisiting Sailfish in Destin
Harold Destin’s Input
November, 197, on Robroy in Destin
Big Amberjack Rock in Destin
My First Amberjack Trip
One More Story to Finish Up